Back to School Hampers

Back To School is Cool

DCCS was very happy to be able to assist several vulnerable debt review families with back to school hampers this year.

Parents will tell you that the cost of stationery and clothing is going up every year and for those families who are just scraping by it is a very tough situation. For many under debt review it is a challenge to keep reducing spending to try stick to your monthly budget. Some find it hard to save throughout the year towards the back to school costs. Even though their Debt Counsellor may have worked those savings into their budget (a little each month) sometimes the money was needed for an unplanned emergency.

Thanks to our Sponsors

With the help of our generous sponsors as well as the community who helped identify the worthy families DCCS was able to make going back to school cool (ok not really but we did help with nice hampers of back to school goodies).

Here are a few of the happy faces:


Debt Counselling Community Support is a project aimed at helping consumers in general and vulnerable consumers under debt review in particular to improve their lot in life through assistance and education.

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