Back To School (With Some Help From DCCS)

Back To School (With Some Help From DCCS)

Back To School Jan 2018

Any parent will tell you how scary it is to see your money disappear as you try to get your kids ready for the school year. School clothes, sporting equipment, books and stationery are very pricey and for some under debt review, it seemed like January was going to force them into making some impossible decisions this year.

Fortunately, due to the generosity of many Debt Counsellors, attorneys and Credit Providers (and some help from the PDAs) Debt Counselling Community Support was able to help light up a few young peoples eyes with back to school hampers. In total, DCCS was able to assistĀ 64 different children with supplies needed to get a good start to the school year.

Thank you to our supporters and we hope all our sponsoredĀ children have a great year at school.



Debt Counselling Community Support is a project aimed at helping consumers in general and vulnerable consumers under debt review in particular to improve their lot in life through assistance and education.

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