Family Vacation Gift Bag

Get and Give Holiday Goodies

The end of the year can be tough for families under debt review. It always seems like everyone else gets to splurge at the end of the year and have a nice holiday somewhere by the sea and give gifts at their parties while you are busy counting beans trying to make your money stretch till the end of the month. You really wish you could spoil your kids for doing well and that you could invite some friends over for lunch or a braai. However statistics show that December and January have the highest fall off rate for consumers under debt review during the year.

Well, DCCS will be helping Debt Review families to ‘live it up’ in style this end of year. DCCS, with the help of our generous sponsors, is giving away  Family Vacation Gift Bags. In fact, we plan to give away a ton of these bags to deserving financially stressed debt review families, with help from the DC community.

Family Vacation Gift Bag

gift bag

The Family Vacation Gift Bag includes a R1000 Pick n Pay Food (or clothing) Voucher, a bunch of fun and educational toys for the kids, as well as, a little something special for the grown ups to help them relax. You have worked hard and deserve a little something nice. The whole gift bag is valued at over R1500.


Want to Help Spread the End of Year Joy?

Do you know of a debt review family that is taking strain? Can you help us identify families who need some help this year end. Well, don’t just read about it!

Email us!

Become a Sponsor

Would you like to be part of one deserving family’s holiday break and give them a little something special to take the pressure off this December? You can! Get involved and help a vulnerable family stay on track with their debt review repayments by contacting us at  and sponsoring a Family Vacation Gift Bag. One gift bag could help keep a family in the process and eventually get out of debt.

Support Consumers and You Could Win Too

The Debt Counselling firm who sponsors the most bags will be getting a generous prize back from DCCS (valued at several thousand Rand). So get involved, take the plunge and help consumers stay in the process during what should be the relaxing part of the year.



Debt Counselling Community Support is a project aimed at helping consumers in general and vulnerable consumers under debt review in particular to improve their lot in life through assistance and education.

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