Getting The Car Back

car crash

If you have ever been through the horrible experience of having your car repossessed or having an accident and then not being able to fix up your vehicle then you know how tough that can be. It is true that a car is both a blessing and a curse. Paying for all the upkeep and additional costs can be pricey but it can also make your life much easier especially when you use your vehicle for work.

Mounting Costs

This December DCCS heard about a consumer who had “lost” his car due to an accident. The car was in need of some repairs and then could be back on the road. The consumer and his young son were unfortunately not able to come up with the needed funds. The consumer was under debt review and his budget was tight. As a result the guys who were meant to be sorting out the car started to charge the consumer storage fees on the vehicle. Pretty soon the costs were climbing and climbing. They were really milking the poor guy. It was at this point that one of our DCCS Supporters told us about the consumers plight.

DCCS To The Rescue

DCCS and the Debt Counsellor (All Debt Solutions) spoke to the garage and found out the costs. They were high. We began to negotiate. At the same time DCCS reached out to various supporters and sponsors. We received generous help from DC Partner (payment distribution agency), One Debt and the Debt Experts (debt counsellors). All Debt Solutions helped convince the garage to give the consumer a big discount and then Steyn Coetzee Attorneys helped make up the difference in needed funds and the consumer was able to get his car back and on the road.


Thanks to all those who got involved. You have changed this consumers outlook and day to day reality. Well done on assisting another consumer and his family in getting back on their feet and staying in the process. if you hear about a consumer in a similar position where their debt review is in threat of being derailed please let us know.


Debt Counselling Community Support is a project aimed at helping consumers in general and vulnerable consumers under debt review in particular to improve their lot in life through assistance and education.

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