Debt Counselling & Debt Review

Debt Counselling & Debt Review

Debt Counselling & Debt Review

Debt Counselling & Debt Review can help you deal with your debt stress. It is a legal process through the courts to make credit providers take only what you can afford to pay toward your debt each month. The process requires that you make payments (normally monthly toward your debts). The debt review process can take anywhere between one month and many years however an industry norm is to make a 5 year plan. While this is longer than the normal 2 year debt repayment plans most creditors offer on credit it is less than people normally pay toward a vehicle. It is a slow and steady process of monthly payments toward a goal of closing off all accounts one by one.

 What is the Difference between Debt Counselling and Debt Review?

There is little difference really. The review part happens at first and the counselling happens throughout the process. Most people use the terms interchangeably.

How can I learn More About Debt Review?

You can head here to read all about how the process works and how long each step takes. Or you can look at this article about debt review.

Another option is to read the free monthly industry magazine all about debt review called Debtfree.


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Debt Counselling Community Support is a project aimed at helping consumers in general and vulnerable consumers under debt review in particular to improve their lot in life through assistance and education.