Make a Pledge

Make  a Pledge

If you wish to see things change around you then you have to get involved. We welcome all the support we can get for our various projects aimed at assisting consumers under debt review to stay under debt review and successfully pay off their families debts responsibly. Why not contact us on and make a pledge or tell us about the positive things you are doing in your community to assist those vulnerable debt review consumers who need a little extra help?


Already we have many projects underway. Back to school will creep up on families before these financially strained parents realise (time flies). If you have a project in mind for 2017 please let us know.


We have run a number of exciting projects during 2016:

We sent kids back to school with a bundle of much-needed supplies (which parents will know costs a lot these days).

We were able to get a consumer back on the road and back at work with our ‘Get the Car Back‘ project. Amazing work everyone. Thank you for your generosity.

One of our team ran the Comrades to raise funds for the DCCS project. Thank you to those individuals and firms who sponsored. You guys Rock! And so does our super athlete!

Our Winter Warmer project provided that something special as the temperatures across the country fell and winter set in.

Our end of year Holiday Hampers project received a big boost from one of the PDAs and several CPs and individual DCs. Thank you so much for helping these families have something nice to reward the kids for a hard year at school and the families for sticking to the programme.




This year began on a high note with lots of support for our sponsored back to school bags and uniforms project. Several families across the country got a little help at just the right time.

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We also ran a project to assist consumers who were having a tough time making their payments (called the 17.3 / Mission Possible project). We were able to assist a number of families to stay in debt review throughout the various months. Thanks to our sponsors.

We even helped one consumer get his car back and saved him a world of trouble. Well done all those who helped out.

Toward the end of the year we were able to help some families have an extra special time during the holidays despite their financially cash strapped situation with our Holiday Gift Bag project.

You can learn more about our ongoing projects here:

Summer 2014

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Plunge Pledge

We challenge you to take the “plunge” and make a pledge. It can be R10 or more it is up to you. It can be items or services (please no more kidneys). You know what you can do to help others. Let us know. Mail us and let us know how much you want to pledge (and we will send you the trust account details).

It is then up to you to stick to your pledge and take the plunge and donate the funds.

Get Others Involved

After you take the “plunge” nominate two people you know to do the same.

Share this page on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media. Tell your friends. Let your consumers know.

[In case you were wondering, Yes we were indeed inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. You can check that out HERE]


Other Pledges

You may have other pledges in mind which you would like to make to assist vulnerable consumers under debt review. By all means we invite you to do so. Please Mail us with your pledge be it: time, money, resources or anything else and we will help ensure that it is implemented in the most effective manner.