Our Projects

Back To School 2018

With some generous support, we were able to assist 64 different families this January with back to school hampers including clothing, bags and stationery. What a relief to the 64 different families and kids who received help at just the right time. Thank you to everyone who helped with sponsorships.

Two Oceans Run

Those who deal with debt review know it is not a short sprint but rather a longer process. As such, we were so happy when one of our sponsors (Meliorleaf insurance) said they would run to raise funds for DCCS to show how debt review is a marathon and takes hard work and determination. We asked the community to sponsor a few rand should our runner finish. He did (we knew he would) and he did it in a decent time of under 5 hours no less. Well Done Elliot from Meliorleaf!


December Holiday Hampers

We have been able to arrange for a number of holiday hampers containing vouchers from several places (for food and other essentials) to go to families who are going through tough times while still loyally repaying their debt. We want to thank DC Partner for their generous Donation to this project that really made a huge impact! Thank you so much!

DC Partner help consumer distribute their funds in an easy way each month to their various creditors. They also keep records and help figure out roughly when the debt should be repaid.


Back To School Hampers

At the beginning of the year in 2016 (with the help of our sponsors) we were able to send back to school hampers to families all over SA. The look on their happy little faces was precious. The 2017 Back to School project is designed to once again reach vulnerable families who face the hard situation of choosing between food or school equipment.

DCCS Back to school hamper 1 DCCS Back to school hamper

Family Vacation Gift Bag

gift bag

During December DCCS will be helping vulnerable debt review families have a bit of fun as the year comes to a close with Family Vacation Gift Bags. The Family Vacation Gift Bag includes a R1000 Pick n Pay Food (or clothing) Voucher, a bunch of fun and educational toys for the kids, as well as, a little something special for the grown ups to help them relax. You have worked hard and deserve a little something nice. The whole gift bag is valued at over R1500. If you know of vulnerable families under debt review who are taking strain then let us know and if you want to help sponsor a gift bag contact us on: admin@dccsupport.co.za

 Mission ImPossible

DCCS helped one troubled consumer cover his transport costs and generously (with some help from our sponsors) paid for the consumers entire debt review payment for the month of September 2015 to the tune of R2500. This meant that the consumer, who was in a world of problems and about to fall out of debt review as well as potentially lose his job, was able to deal with this once off disastrous situation and still stay in debt review. Thank you to the DC firm who told us about this emergency situation and to the sponsors who made all this possible. You have changed a life!


DCCS Winter Essentials Bags

Winter is a tough time with increased costs for many consumers. Vulnerable debt review consumers especially feel the pinch. We have made arrangements for 12 different families to get a bag of winter essentials.

Winter essentials bag contents

This bag is for a family of four and it includes:

2 blankets

2 umbrellas

4 pairs of socks

4 scarves

3 caps

1 stockings

4 washing cloths

2 soaps

Shampoo and conditioner

2 antiperspirant

100 earbuds

4 toothbrushes

2 toothpastes

2kg washing powder

1 staysoft

1 body lotion


To give the family a break… 1 family size kit kat!!!



DCCS Gift Bag Giveaway

4 families will receive gift bags with lots of goodies including food vouchers from Pick n Pay in. Thanks to DC Partner

April 2015 DC Partner Gift Bag give away

DCCS Back to School Backpacks

7 Debt review families received backpacks crammed full of goodies to help their children get a great education this year.

Here are some images of the backpacks

image003 image007 image009 image011

Read more here: http://www.dccsupport.co.za/dccs-school-backpack-project/


 DCCS Hampers


In December we asked members to help us distribute DCCS Food Hampers to deserving consumers who have been under debt review for a long time and loyally making payments. Members were able to help several consumers and made sure that December was a great month.


Read more here: http://www.dccsupport.co.za/dccs-hamper-goes-to-worthy-consumer/


Summer 2015

Make a splash

Summer is here so it is time to take the “PLUNGE” and start to support DCCS.

We are asking new members and supporters to get involved by taking a plunge in a body of water (your choice) and make a pledge. You can watch the videos and see the pictures on the media page.






Keeping Consumers in the process

It is a sad fact that many consumers do not see the debt review process through. A large amount of effort goes into getting consumers into the process but little effort is expended to keep consumers (especially those loyally paying but vulnerable consumer) in the process. We all feel frustrated when so much effort goes into matters and then the consumer leaves the process. A large focus of the programme is to help keep consumers in the process for longer by providing targeted assistance above and beyond the bare minimum as set out in the NCA. Many of the best and yet most vulnerable of debt review consumers fall out of the process due to the constant financial strain they face as prices increase and their income does not. We believe that with a small reprieve here and there these consumers may be enabled to stay in the process until clearance certificate stage.

As a community we have lots of additional skills training and counselling to offer consumers which will help them become the best responsible future users of credit. We have skills and resources which will enable them to improve their situation to speed up the debt repayment processes and improve their lives.


Co-founders Zak King and Adri de Bruyn are both well known in the debt counselling industry.

Zak is not only a Registered Debt Counsellor of many years and marketing expert but is the Editor of the industry magazine Debtfree.

Adri de Bruyn grew up in Riversdale and studied at the University of Stellenbosch where she obtained her LLB degree in 2006. She is one of the directors at Steyn Coetzee Attorneys in Paarl and is also a Notary since 2010. She is also a practising Debt Counsellor and specialises in the National Credit Act.

Zak and Adri share a common passion for community service and decided to give back to the industry by establishing the DCCS – A programme where industry role players can contribute back to their own community by donating time, things or funds.

The DCCS will in return provide the donator with free marketing.  Members of the programme will have their brands put front and center and will be featured online in various media. DCCS would like to help build your brand and at the same time assist the most deserving of all vulnerable debt review consumers.